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Regional Plan for 2023 approved with votes against from PS and BE

Annual Regional Plan for 2023 approved with 30 votes in favor

Regional Plan for 2023 approved with votes against from PS and BE

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The Azores Annual Regional Plan for 2023 was approved in a final global vote, with 30 votes in favor, from PSD, CDS-PP, PPM, IL, Chega, independent member (ex-Chega) and PAN, and 27 against, from PS and BE.

During the page-by-page examination of the document, the six proposals presented by PAN and 13 proposals by BE were approved, while the proposal presented by PS, the largest opposition party (25 parliament members), concerning the implementation of a social and economic emergency plan for the Azores, amounting to 46.2 million euros, was rejected, which led to the maintenance of the Nascer Mais program.

The "Nascer Mais" measure, which amounts to EUR 1.5 million of support, with EUR 1500 to be spent in pharmacy, for each child born in the municipalities with greater population loss, was claimed by Chega and implemented by the Regional Government, which has a parliamentary agreement with that party. BE/A is in favor of revising the scope of the measure, but has referred the amendment to a page-by-page vote on the budget.

During the discussion of the investment plan, several PAN proposals were approved, namely a proposal of 400 thousand euros for social support to domestic electricity consumers and a 50 thousand euro-proposal for a public transport pass for taxpayers in the 1st and 2nd IRS brackets.

PAN also saw 50 thousand euros made available for the distribution of free period briefs in health units, a reinforcement of 65 thousand euros for the pet and stray animals identification and sterilization program, as well as 600 thousand euros to revise the basic pay of firefighters in Humanitarian Associations, along with 100 thousand euros for the purchase of equipment for the analysis of biological liquids for the Health Unit of Madalena, on the island of Pico.

With 16 amendment proposals to the Plan, BE approved several with the favorable vote of Chega, PS and PAN: 85 thousand euros for the requalification of the nursery building in Santa Clara, about 383 thousand euros for cultural promotion, and 45 thousand euros for the requalification of the gardens in Casa Manuel de Arriaga, the intervention in the building of the Azorean Institute of Culture, on Terceira Island, and the requalification of the "Luísa Constantina" primary school.

Also approved were the project for the Povoação primary and secondary school, the budget reinforcement for the Ribeira Grande Health Center, the project for a new hemodialysis unit at Hospital do Divino Espírito Santo (Ponta Delgada) and the recovery of the whale onshore lookouts on the island of Flores.

BE's proposals regarding the creation of an audiovisual and multimedia strategy in the areas of training, dissemination and promotion, the reinforcement of 90 thousand euros for road paving on the island of Santa Maria, road pavement in Faial and the rehabilitation of the auditorium in "Manuel de Arriaga" secondary school were also approved.

The independent member Carlos Furtado (former Chega) voted against all the amendments, arguing that "the matter is too serious to be analyzed in half a dozen hours", in a reference to the deadline for the delivery of initiatives.

Among the eight amendment proposals presented by PS/A to the 2023 Plan and Budget was the elimination of the "Nascer Mais" program (which supports with 1500 euros - to be allocated in the pharmacy - each child born in the municipalities with greater population loss).

As for the 46.2 million of the Emergency Plan, the PS's proposal would allocate 18.7 million to families, with 10 million for a “single allocation” complement, in the amount of 65 euros per adult and 40 euros per dependent, for those who have “gross monthly income up to 2700 euros, inclusively”.

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