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World title for gymnast Tiago Pinheiro

Gymnast from São Miguel Island Tiago Pinheiro became world champion in aerobics at the World Championship held in Guimarães

World title for gymnast Tiago Pinheiro

Autor: Arthur Melo

Tiago Pinheiro, gymnast of the Club of Gymnastic Activities of Ponta Delgada (CAGPD), became the world champion of aerobics in Guimarães. 

Pinheiro won the gold medal for Men's Individual category, Junior, in the World Competition for Age Groups, an event that took place in Guimarães.

After qualifying in fourth place, Tiago Pinheiro climbed to the highest place on the podium, sharing it with Sampo Nousiainem (Finland) and Aleksander Mishinkov (Bulgaria).
In the previous edition of the event, the CAGPD gymnast had already reached third place.

Also gymnasts Matilde Cymbron and Manuel Resendes, aged only 13 and 14 respectively, rose to second place in Mixed Pairs. The CAGPD athletes added another medal to the several won in international opens over the past few years.

Matilde Cymbron and Manuel Resendes were world runners-up in the mixed pair category. The gold went to Turkey and the bronze to Britain.

The CAGPD was present in several finals of the competition, in which Azorean gymnasts reached prominent places.

The Junior Mixed Pair Letícia Oliveira/Tiago Pinheiro reached fifth place, at 0.150 points from the podium, that went to Bulgaria/Spain and Italy.

Leonor Januário was 0.1 points from the podium, winning sixth place in a category where gold went to Britain, silver to Greece and bronze to Romania.

Manuel Resendes also reached sixth place in youth level, where the podium went to Spain, Italy and Bulgaria.

In the youth group category, where only one group can compete by country, Matilde Cymbron, Júlia Alves, Sofia Amaral, Camila Pires and Miriam Moutinho got the sixth place. The podium went to Bulgaria/ Hungary and Greece.

The junior trio Neuza Rocha/Tiago Pinheiro/ Leonor Januário did not qualify for the final. These gymnasts ranked ninth among 27 participating trios.

The World Competition for Aerobic Gymnastics in Age Groups took place between 10 and 12 June and counted on the participation of 316 gymnasts from 25 countries.
This competition precedes the World Championship, which also takes place in Guimarães, an event dedicated to senior gymnasts.

The gymnast Rui Cansado will take part in the event, where he will represent the national team in the categories of Individual Male, Mixed Pair and Group.

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