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Book 500 of Letras Lavadas celebrates 500 years of Gaspar Frutuoso

Letras Lavadas presented its 500th book, a deluxe edition dedicated to Gaspar Frutuoso, historian of the Azores and Macaronesia

Autor: Ana Carvalho Melo

Letras Lavadas launched a luxury edition of “Saudades da Terra”, (1586-1590), by Gaspar Frutuoso, the publisher's 500th book.

"This year we have reached 500 titles published by Letras Lavadas and we wanted to celebrate this by publishing the complete works of Gaspar Frutuoso, which we did in a special edition," explained editor José Ernesto Rezendes, mentioning that this work also celebrates the 500th anniversary of the birth of Gaspar Frutuoso, a major figure of Azorean and Macaronesia historiography.

This edition consists of 500 copies numbered and authenticated by the Notary of Ponta Delgada, certifying that it is a ‘facsimile‘ of the manuscript of “Saudades da Terra”, contained in a codex deposited in the Public Library and Regional Archive of Ponta Delgada.

"There are 500 copies of the 500th book published by Letras Lavadas to celebrate 500 years of Gaspar Frutuoso", he stressed.

The work comprises six books on: I - History of Cape Verde and the Canary Islands, with allusions to other islands and real or imaginary continental land plots; II - History of Madeira; III - History of Santa Maria; IV - History of São Miguel; V - History of Two Friends – novella; and VI - History of Terceira, São Jorge, Faial, Pico, Graciosa, Flores e Corvo.
In addition to the reproduction of the manuscript in 1184 pages, the book includes almost a hundred pages of “Introductions” and “Prefaces”, with texts by the Presidents of the Republic of Portugal and Cabo Verde, as well as of the Autonomous Regions of the Azores, of Madeira and of the Canary Islands.

There is also an introduction by the historian Avelino de Freitas de Meneses.

At 5.110 kilograms, the book is also notable for having an engraved gold-leather binding.

"This is a work we want to leave for future generations and one that will last," said the editor, revealing that the production of this book was entirely under the publisher's responsibility, which did not receive financial support from other institutions.

The book was presented at the Carlos Machado Museum – Igreja do Colégio.

During the event, which was attended by the editor, José Ernesto Rezendes, the historian Avelino de Freitas de Menezes, and the president of the Azores Regional Government, José Manuel Bolieiro, a video was shown that illustrated the book's production process.

José Ernesto Rezendes also revealed the objective of presenting the work in Madeira, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde, as well as in Lisbon and Madrid.

"In addition to fulfilling our goal of marking 500 publications of Letras Lavadas, this work allows us to further publicize the Azores through Gaspar Frutuoso," he added, recalling that the publisher's motto is to disseminate literature made in the Azores, by Azoreans, or about the archipelago.

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