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Azorean Heavy Metal Museum launches challenge for third CD

A project for the promotion of Azorean Heavy Metal has challenged musicians from the Azores to show their work to the world on a new CD, "Azores & Metal Vol #3".

Azorean Heavy Metal Museum launches challenge for third CD

Autor: Rui Jorge Cabral

For the third consecutive year, the Azorean Heavy Metal Museum (MHMA) set up a challenge to the Region’s musicians: to show their work to the world, gathering new musical themes in a new CD, titled "Azores & Metal Vol #3", which should be released after September. 

The Azorean Heavy Metal Museum is an initiative aimed at promoting Azorean Heavy Metal. Mário Lino, responsible for the initiative, states in a press release: "unfortunately, since these bands are still not invited to perform on the stages of our islands, they can only see their work recognized in this format or online".

Thus, the MHMA opens the doors to all Azorean Heavy Metal musicians, so they can participate in "Azores & Metal Vol #3", by sending their work until the end of June to be included in the new CD, which should be released in September or October. Participation is free.

From June, there will be a selection of 17 themes, since the CD space is limited, says the MHMA in a press release.

In the last two editions, only projects from the island of São Miguel and Terceira participated, but the organization's ambition is to discover new talents on other islands.

According to Mário Lino, the first two volumes "ended up reaching many national and international sources of information, such as magazines, radio stations, websites and stores. It became a 'business card' for Azorean bands and projects that are hidden in their rehearsal garages. For many, they are the only way to reach their fans," he concludes. 

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