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GetArt takes theater and dance to people with disabilities

"Inclusion through art" is the motto that brings together two companies incubated at TERINOV with the goal of sharing theater and dance with disabled people

Autor: Tatiana Ourique

The project is called A.T.I.T.U.D.E. and is associated to the PARTIS & Art for Change initiative, promoted by Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and "la Caixa" Foundation. Its goal is to support projects that enhance the role of participatory art as a driver for change and social transformation.

Daniela Silveira, director of the GetArt association, told Açoriano Oriental how the initiative came about: “It began with an invitation from GetArt to Vanessa Canto from Moot - The Movement Lab, two entities incubated in Terinov - Science and Technology Park of Terceira Island. The ATTITUDE project was then born, looking at social inclusion through artistic practices, namely Theater and Dance”.

The art then reaches people with disabilities from three institutions of Terceira Island: “The project includes three entities: CAD - Centro de Apoio à Deficiência da Praia da Vitória, ACM of Angra do Heroísmo and the project "Jovens em Ação", of the Municipality of Praia da Vitória. These entities work daily with audiences with cognitive and physical disabilities", according to the director of GetArt.

“The ATTITUDE project started in early March at CAD. For four months, twice a week, a group of users participates in theater and dance classes, in joint artistic activities with other entities. At the end of each period, the work developed with the users/students is presented to the community in a show. They will be the dancers and actors on stage. The process is replicated in the other institutions. This year there will be two shows: one during the Festival of Praia da Vitória and another in Teatro Angrense (to be announced)", adds Daniela Silveira.

The project aims to prove the impact of art on disabled users: “the project provides for an assessment of the psychological and social impact of these activities on users. This assessment will be presented in a report and through an awareness campaign directed at all social solidarity entities, professionals, and families regarding the importance of integrating this audience in artistic practices”, Silveira says. She adds that “ATTITUDE raises issues related to access – physical, social and intellectual – and inclusion in the cultural sector and contributes to the technical preparation of cultural professionals on issues of access and inclusion in order to promote change on the ground”.

The project also intends to take users out of their institutions and to put them in direct contact with cultural agents and contexts.

The technical and artistic coordination of the classes and the show is in charge of Vanessa Canto, dancer, and Valter Peres, actor and theater trainer.

A.T.I.T.U.D.E., a project that works on social inclusion using artistic practices in theater and dance, was a candidate for the Accesso Cultura 2022 award, promoted by Acesso Cultura, a national entity whose mission is to promote access – physical, social and intellectual – to cultural participation.

The A.T.I.T.U.D.E. project aims to extend to other islands as early as next year.

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