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Budget for 2023 approved with votes against by socialists and leftists

The 2023 budget for the Autonomous Region of the Azores was approved in a global final vote, with 30 votes in favor, from PSD, CDS-PP, PPM, IL, Chega, independent deputy (former Chega) and PAN, and 27 votes against, from PS and BE.

Budget for 2023 approved with votes against by socialists and leftists

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The Parliament's plenary discussed nearly 40 amendments proposals to the budget, approving 10 from Liberal Initiative (IL) and one from BE, to 'minimize the harmful effects of artificial lighting on seabirds'.

The remaining proposals by BE (19), PS (five) and PAN were not approved.

Both PS and BE saw their proposals for the regularization of precarious workers in public administration rejected.

The BE/A proposal to include all municipalities in the "Nascer Mais" program was also rejected. This program provides support - with 1,500 euros to be spent in the pharmacy - for each child born in municipalities with greater population loss.

BE/A also saw rejected its proposals to start a negotiation process for a new mechanism to encourage the establishment of medical doctors in the region, to create a public network of daycare centers or a Regional Public Housing Pool for rent in 2023.

BE's proposal to strengthen the public transport service and to create a tariff reduction program that stipulated the value of 9 euros per month for regional collective transport passes was also rejected.

The parliament also voted against PS's proposal to extend the Supplementary Compensation to regional public administration officials who earn up to 2,101.82 euros gross monthly (currently, the Supplementary Compensation includes only workers with a salary equal to or less than 1,320 euros).

Members of the parliament also rejected BE's proposals to increase the regional pension supplement by 20% and to increase the minimum guaranteed monthly remuneration for employees in the Azores by 7.5%.

On the other hand, IL's proposals to eliminate the possibility for the Regional Government to issue loan guarantees for projects considered to be of regional interest and the obligation to issue a "cost-benefit analysis" of investments exceeding 500 thousand euros were approved.

IL also saw approved the proposals that require the regional executive to present "concrete data" on the evolution of the direct and indirect public debt of the Region, on debts to suppliers and on the public administration staff (including health professionals, teachers and service providers).

The 2023 Azores Plan and Budget, amounting to about 1.9 billion euros, allocates 753.5 million to public investment, 640 million euros of which are under the direct responsibility of the Regional Government of the Azores.

The regional legislative decree with the proposed Regional Budget halts the increase in indebtedness and extends the free payment of nurseries to all families.

On the other hand, it increases by 15% the Azorean supplement to family allowance for children and youngsters, the Supplement for the Purchase of Medicines by the Elderly (COMPAMID) and the Special Supplement for Cancer Patients (CEDO).

The Regional Supplementary Compensation is updated by 5%.

As for the Regional Pension Supplement, an increase of up to 15% is foreseen.

The document provides for the privatization of the majority of the capital of SATA – Azores Airlines, the airline in charge of connections to and from the archipelago.

The document also contemplates a decrease, to 8.75%, of the Corporate Income Tax (IRC) rate of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the Region in 2023.

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