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PS lost absolute majority

The PS lost this Sunday the absolute majority in regional elections of the Azores, only having managed to elect 25 deputies of the total of 57 parliamentarians of the Regional Legislative Assembly.

Autor: Lusa/AO online

The PS has ruled the region since 1996, but only in the elections held in 2000 obtained an absolute majority, renewed in the ballots of 2004, 2008, 2012 and also in 2016, when it obtained 30 mandates.

To achieve an absolute majority the PS would have to have at least 29 of the 57 Members of the Azorean parliament.

According to the provisional results released by the Regional Directorate of Organization and Public Administration (DROAP), the PS won the regional legislative today, reaching 39.13% (40,701 votes).

The PSD, with 33.74% (35,091 votes), secured 21 mandates, followed by the CDS-PP with 5.51% (5,734 votes), which elected three deputies, plus a parliamentary in coalition with PPM (with 115) votes.

Chega, who ran for the first time in the Azores regional elections, had 5.06% (5,260 votes), elected two deputies, such as the BE, which reached 3.81% (3,962 votes).

PPM obtained 2.34% (2,431 votes) and elected one deputy, plus another elected in coalition with the CDS-PP.

The Liberal Initiative, which also ran for the first time in the Legislative Assembly of the Azores, won 1.93% (2,012 votes) and elected a deputy, as well as the PAN which had the same percentage and only eight fewer votes.

The PCP/PEV coalition, which had elected a deputy four years ago, won no mandate, having won 1.68% (1,745 votes).

The Legislative Of the Azores took place with 13 political forces candidate for the 57 seats of the Regional Legislative Assembly: PS, PSD, CDS-PP, BE, CDU, PPM, Iniciativa Liberal, Livre, PAN, Chega, Aliança, MPT e PCTP/MRPP. 228,999 voters were registered to vote.

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