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"Being a father has made me question whether I've been a good son"

António Alves. "King John" returns with a second LP, "Good Son", which will be released on November 24. The first single, "Júlia (Circles of Life)", deals with the "transcendent" experience of being a father

"Being a father has made me question whether I've been a good son"

Autor: Carolina Moreira

After a three-year break, you're releasing a new album - "Good Son". Will it be a continuation of the work you've done so far or something different?
There's no great transformation in terms of sound, although there is a slight departure from what I've done in the past. Yes, there are points of connection, but there's a technical evolution and the possibility of recording the songs in  a different way in the studio, as opposed to what I did before. Obviously, this in itself brings changes to the sound, the quality, the way I can record certain instruments that I couldn't before, so there's an evolution on a technical level and in my own technique.

How would you describe your musical genre?
I don't think it's a very different genre. It's alternative rock, sometimes with jazz and blues influences. I find it difficult to describe my own musical genre, because as a listener I don't like to put my own stamp on other artists' music either. So sometimes I have a hard time doing it for myself. But yes, it's a rockier style, although the guitars are less prominent on this record.

How did you come up with the name of this new album, "Good Son"?
The name comes from my personal evolution over the last three years, in which I haven't edited anything or been so present in music. I became a father two years ago and that transformation, which in itself is quite significant in people's lives, made me question myself, António, as a son. This is something that, in a way, we do throughout our lives, some more than others, but when a child is placed in our arms and we realize everything our parents have been through, this question becomes more pressing, more significant in my life. I've often wondered if I've been a good son, as my parents often didn't express all the pain they felt at the normal things children do.

"Good Son" came from that and also from the fact that I moved to Lisbon seven years ago and was trying to become a professional musician, being away from my parents and my family.

Do the nine songs on this new album reflect this concern?
There is a starting point, the single "Good Son", but not all songs talk about this. And for me, when preparing an album, the most meaningful song is usually the one that gives the album its name.

The first single from this new album, "Júlia (Circles of Life)", was released on October 2nd. Tell us about it.

This song already talks about the perspective of being a father. I wrote these lyrics before my daughter was born, it was almost a projection of the idea of becoming a father, of who she would be and how I could help her navigate life, what advice or example I could give her.

And what has the feedback been so far?
The feedback, fortunately, has been very positive. Obviously, as it's the first song I've released in a long time, things are going quite smoothly. Singles always carry the possibility of a second album, so the album always has more impact. The feedback has been very good, from the single to the music video.

And how was the process of shooting the music video?
Fortunately, I made the decision to go back to my roots. I had already worked with Cactus Sessões and Amarino França, who directed and photographed the music video and who, in a way, came up with the idea. I always think it's good to maintain a connection to my origins, to the Azores, which is why I make records with nine songs, alluding to the nine islands. They are super-talented people who can work hard and help use all the creativity they have in the absence of opportunities, because in São Miguel we don't have that many opportunities, and the end result was impeccable.

We're going to carry on working, not least because the story of the first music video is intertwined with the second and we want to continue this work.

What plans do you have to present this new album?
At the moment we have small radio shows scheduled on the mainland, where I'm based. We also have a presentation concert on December 2 in Lisbon, at the new Tokyo nightclub; we're also going to Porto and I'm trying to go to São Miguel in January next year to present this new work.

After "Good Son", what are the plans for future projects?
“Good Son" is done, it's about to be released and I'm already thinking about the next one. At the same time, I'm also preparing a project involving music and production, with the help of other artists. That's the seed.

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